37 Fresh Neutral Spring Wedding Décor Ideas - Weddingomania

37 Fresh Neutral Spring Wedding Décor Ideas - Weddingomania


Neutrals are getting more and more popularity everywhere, from home décor to weddings, though the color of the year is zesty green-yellow. Neutrals are loved by everyone and they are totally timeless, you can use them any season and they will always fit any theme or wedidng style you choose. If you are having a spring or even a spring to summer wedding, we recommend you to pay attention to neutrals because they look very refreshing, which is essential for spring.

What To Wear

Neutrals look good on everyone, besides there are a lot of shades to choose from, so you, your groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids can wear all neutrals that you like. Dress up in off-white, ivory or any other shade you like, add gorgeous neutral heels to look refreshing and awesome. Offer your gals to wear neutral shades, too, these can be mismatching dresses, with different embellishments and designs, or the same for everyone, just find that shade they love. As for the groom and groomsmen, they can go off-white, light grey or beige, which perfectly embrace the season.

Wedding Décor

Keep the décor in neutral shades, they mix perfectly with anything from black to pastels and can fit any style. Modern, rustic, minimalist, Provence, vintage - any of this styles can be represented in neutrals! Add a touch of gold or sparkle to make your décor livelier and use candles and a lot of greenery and flowers, which aren't only neutral, they will also scream it's spring. Use neutral-colored florals to stick to the color scheme, rustic touches for more coziness.

Wedding Florals

Florals are an important part of any wedding, so choose them in neutral shades to achieve a refined and timeless look. Try white, off-white, creamy and even some pastel shades, incorporate textural and dimensional greenery, which is characteristic of spring. Bouquets, centerpieces and just floral garlands in neutral shades will refresh the venue and make it look awesome, don't forget to add greenery to them, too, this is spring, everything should be fresh and blooming!

Wedding Food

Order your wedding cake and cupcakes in neutral shades, any that you like. Top them with neutral flowers, beads and greenery to make them look organic and fresh. Various desserts like candies or macarons can be also taken in delicate neutral shades. These treats will continue your decor theme in an ideal way.


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