34 Ways To Incorporate Oysters Into Seaside And Nautical Weddings - Weddingomania

34 Ways To Incorporate Oysters Into Seaside And Nautical Weddings - Weddingomania


Seaside and beach weddings have almost no season, they are actual all year round. That's why today I have a roundup especially for those of you who are planning one. This article is dedicated to a popular and cool idea of incorporating oysters into your seaside wedding, and I'm talking not only about food, you can use oyster shells for décor in very creative ways, let's see how.

Escort And Place Cards

Oyster shells can be turned into very chic and creative escort and place cards, which can also serve as wedding favors. You can paint them or dip into gold paint just a little, or leave as they - they are beautiful anyway. Then just add calligraphy with names and voila, perfect seaside escort or place cards are ready! Such projects can be easily DIYed, that will save your budget a little.

Table Décor

Nothing screams beach and seaside louder than oysters, so they will highlight your wedding theme perfectly if you use them for reception décor. Make cool oyster shell garlands and place them on the tables or hang around, or just put some shells on the tables, they look amazing with driftwood, candles, corals, succulents and neutral florals. Create stunning centerpieces with sculptural corals and oyster shells, cover the vases with these shells. We advise to leave the shells not painted because there are naturally beautiful.


Of course, there's no seaside wedding without serving seafood! Serve oysters, shrimps, mussels and other stuff you like. There are thousands of ways to display your seafood including oysters, everything depends on your wishes and the wedding style: these can be canoes, rustic crates, giant shells, galvanized bathtubs and so on, just don't forget the ice - everything should be very cold because seafood can get spoilt very fast, especially if it's hot, and this is really dangerous for health.

One more point here is your wedding cake, there's a cool way to make it seaside-inspired but very simple and timeless: just top it with oyster shells as you want. A simple white cake with such shells looks perfect and reminds of the sea in the most elegant and natural way.

Other Ideas

You can also go for wedding stationary with oyster prints, for menus and other stuff with them. Choose oyster knives or oyster candles for favors, the latter can be DIYed. Get inspired and have the best seaside wedding ever!


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