32 Beautiful And Refined Bridal Hair Vine Ideas - Weddingomania

32 Beautiful And Refined Bridal Hair Vine Ideas - Weddingomania


A headpiece can easily highlight any hairstyle, even the simplest one, and make your look chic and bold. The most popular headpiece for brides today is a floral crown, it's refreshing and fit almost any bridal style. But there's another type of headpiece, which is gaining popularity very fast, and this is a hair vine. A hair vine is a delicate hair accessory attached to hair combs and worn as an adornment with an updo, half updo, hair down or a braided hairstyle. The hair vine appears to "climb" across the style, as its name suggests; and it will make your bridal look very girlish. Such an accessory fits any bridal style, unlike a floral crown, and looks stunning! Want some ideas? Let's have a look at the best hairstyle examples accentuated with hair vines.

Half Updos

Half up half down hairstyles are awesome for brides, they look romantic and you still show off your locks the best way possible. There are many ideas here to rock, and accentuating such a hairstyle with a cool hair vine is a perfect idea. These can be beads, crystals, sheer and colored, metallic leaves and other ornaments. Such a hairstyle with a vine will look very feminine and can fit any bridal style, from garden to elegant modern, everything here depends on the look of updo and the design of the hair vine.


Wedding updos are extremely popular among the brides because they are very long-lasting, chic and fit most haircuts and hair lengths. Such a hairstyle is a perfect choice for any wedding, from a beach to a minimalist one. A floral crown often looks a bit weird with an updo, so we recommend a hair vine. This is sophistication and beauty, your hair will be accentuated at its best. Crystals, pearls, metallic details - everything here will catch an eye, and a hair vine will be easy to attach well to the hairstyle.


Braids are loved by casual brides, and they are super easy to make yourself. Your adorable braid can be highlighted with a hair vine on the whole length, and there are many cute ideas to try, just attach the piece to your braid, it may be a bit tricky but still you can do it, and your hair will look gorgeous! I love the constellation hair vine - looks so unusual!


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