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Yumiko Fletcher

Happy Friday! I thought I'd introduce the #hana crew before the wedding season officially begins so you can get to know us a bit more! I'll start! Many of you know how Hana began but here are the cliff notes: Hana started out as an outlet for me to get back to my creative roots. I studied opera in college and eventually made my way to NYC. I became a recruiter to pay the rent during the dotcom boom (I actually loved the job!!!). Fast forward a few years with the sudden death of my mom, I quit my cushy job and never looked back. I took the summer off then found myself a little job at a flower shop. Realizing I had a knack for it my adorable Italian boss told me to take a few classes and so I did. From that point on, there were more classes and another job to get my feet wet then Hana began in 2004! Hana means 'flowers' in Japanese in homage to my mom. Much like singing, I consider every wedding a live performance and it's a thrill every time!!! I love that we partake in one of the happiest days of our clients lives, and we somehow contribute to that by creating beauty with flowers

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