Boda - Kat Williams

Kat Williams

Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, Facebook groups… there are so many amazing online resources to help you plan your wedding. Yet there is still something so satisfying about ripping pages out of magazines, jotting down ideas and keeping all your plans in one, offline space. Enter: The Rock n Roll Bride Wedding Planner! It’s time to take a welcome break from your screen and rediscover the joy of writing lists, scrapbooking ideas and keeping everything nice and organised. I’ve teamed with my girl, stationery diva @veronicadearly, for this and I am SO EXCITED about what we’ve created. In fact, I might just burst! Pop over to my blog to see exactly what's inside, or if you just can't wait, head to Veronica's site to order yours right away. We have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER available for the launch so if you want one, order it immediately! If these sell out quickly (and I have a feeling they might) then we will be taking pre-orders for the next batch which should be ready to ship in about a month.

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