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Erich McVey

Some of my favorite images are those captured in unexpected settings with interesting light. For instance, this image was taken in an old manor in New York, paint peeling from the walls, and a single window to light the room on an extremely overcast day. There is an entire 58 page chapter in my online photography course in which we review the tools, techniques, lighting strategies, and settings that work best for me as I strive to create images that make me feel proud and satisfied as a photographer. We work through every kind of lighting situation and analyze how to best use the light in each setting to create the best images possible. We cover metering techniques, where to angle your lens, how to adjust your settings, what to look for in different environments to harness the light to your advantage and so much more. It's one of my favorite chapters, because light really is king. Learn more about the course via the link in my bio. Don’t miss the current sale ($300 savings) which ends at midnight TONIGHT. There is also a new payment plan option for the course - just $79/month for 12 months while still getting access to everything immediately.

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