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"Something we have always done is when either of us plan a date, we always keep it as a surprise. No matter what it is, we don’t tell each other. About a year ago, I'd planned a casual date for us - we brought golf balls out to some land my family owns spent the night hitting them into our pond and having a pizza picnic. Apparently, that night was when he knew he loved me, though I didn't know that until the proposal. Fast forward to last week - which was also my birthday. We made plans to go out with friends later in the night, but Derek told me he wanted to go to dinner just us before meeting up with everyone. I agreed, but I never bothered asking where we were going because I knew he would say, "it’s a surprise"....." ❤️❤️ Had to save the best for last! Link in profile for the rest

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¿Esto es tuyo o Cómo sabes que lo vende ?