Boda - Jay Cassario

Jay Cassario

Yesterday, we celebrated Luke’s 3rd birthday at the Studio with friends and family. I sat back and watched as he ran around with friends, thinking about what these past 3 years have meant to me. Other parents can relate to this, but before having him and becoming a parent myself, I had no real idea of just how fast time flies by. Not only that, but no idea of how much a child can grow up in just 3 short years. He went from a newborn to a non-stop talking, quad riding little kid that has truly changed me. I’m a completely different person than I was before he came along. He’s the only child we are having, and I truly do cherish every day that I get to be home with him because of the photography business. Whether I’m home with him or bringing him to the Studio, I’m extremely thankful for the time I get with him. His personality is growing bigger and bigger, the class clown in pre-school, and never stops impressing me with everything new that he does. Looking forward to what this next year brings!

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