Cócteles y bebidas #2

wedding photo - Peach Equestrian Wedding Ideas

Peach Equestrian Wedding Ideas

something about the swaying Spanish moss and the massive plantation house that had our hearts fluttering for these peach equestrian wedding ideas.

wedding photo - Frozen Coconut Mojito

Frozen Coconut Mojito

Frozen Coconut Mojito Recipe - A creamy tropical cocktail that combines the appeal of a pina colada with refreshing mojito flavors! Mint, lime, coconut rum,

wedding photo - Iced Strawberry Tea

Iced Strawberry Tea

Strawberry season here coincides with the herald of the first day of summer and the conclusion of our school year. So it's no wonder that popular fruit is treas

wedding photo - Toasted Frozen Coconut Mojito

Toasted Frozen Coconut Mojito

Toasted Frozen Coconut Mojito is a summer must have! Made lighter with fresh lime juice, a homemade mint simple syrup and then blended with coconut milk for a r

wedding photo - Drinks


Smirnoff watermelon, triple sec, Malibu coconut, pink lemonade mix, water and strawberries - This sounds amazing

wedding photo - Blackberry Lemonade

Blackberry Lemonade

This Blackberry Lemonade Recipe is a refreshing drink that's sure to cool you down on a hot day! Add some vodka and you'll have a yummy party punch!

wedding photo - Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

My new favorite summer drink right here! I'm not ever big on drinks because I'd rather get my sugar from a decadent dessert but this is my new exception! I

wedding photo - Coconut Mojito

Coconut Mojito

Add tropical flavor to your regular mojito with this easy, healthy and refreshing coconut mojito recipe that takes only 10 mins to make!

wedding photo - Wedding Cocktail

Wedding Cocktail

10 Creative Game Of Thrones Wedding Cocktails That You Need To See - Stormy Night Martini Margaery Tyrell GoT cocktail

wedding photo - 25 Halloween Jello Shots Recipes

25 Halloween Jello Shots Recipes

Let's get the party started with these 25 Halloween Jello Shots Recipes! We've found all kinds unique jello shots from the tame to the crazy to impress your gue

wedding photo - Pineapple Coconut Mojito

Pineapple Coconut Mojito

Pineapple Coconut Mojito: the classic mint mojito is remixed with another tropical favorite, the piña colada, to create a new ultimate Summer rum cocktail! Thes

wedding photo - Coconut Rum Mojito

Coconut Rum Mojito

Our coconut rum mojito is an excellent Summer drink made to remind you of warm sunshine, sandy beaches, and tropical palm trees.

wedding photo - Recipes


Summer's Sassy Lemonade recipe!

wedding photo - Blue Margaritas

Blue Margaritas

Blue Margaritas - tequila, triple sec, blue curacao, and lime juice! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

wedding photo - Hurricane Party Punch

Hurricane Party Punch

Add a splash of the tropics to your next get together with this Hurricane Party Punch Recipe!

wedding photo - Sangria Lemonade

Sangria Lemonade

Easy Sangria Lemonade made with rum and white wine is a refreshing batch cocktail that is a great addition to any bbq, book club or happy hour menu!

wedding photo - Coctails & Drinks

Coctails & Drinks

This refreshing cocktail blends garden fresh cucumber, tangy lime, and spicy mint for a beverage that will cool down even the hottest summer soiree!

wedding photo - Swimming Pool Cocktail

Swimming Pool Cocktail

Swimming Pool 1 Oz. Absolut Vodka 2 Oz. Malibu Rum 2 Oz. Pineapple Juice 1 Oz. Heavy Cream Splash of Blue Curacao Directions Mix your Absolut Vodka, Malibu Rum,

wedding photo - Sparkling Summer Solstice Sangria

Sparkling Summer Solstice Sangria

Kick off summer with this fruity sparkling sangria recipe! Visit The Sweetest Occasion for thousands of cocktails, recipes, party ideas entertaining tips!

wedding photo - Fresh Watermelon Mojitos

Fresh Watermelon Mojitos

Fresh Watermelon Mojitos! Fresh watermelon, lime, mint and soda make the perfect summer cocktail! Skip the rum to make a non-alcoholic mocktail!

wedding photo - Pineapple Margaritas

Pineapple Margaritas

These Pineapple Margaritas are a deliciously sweet, refreshing twist on the original! Made with just 4 simple ingredients and perfect for happy hour, weekends, and all summer long!

wedding photo - Skinny Strawberry Mojito

Skinny Strawberry Mojito

This Skinny Strawberry Mojito is made with fresh mint, sweet strawberries, and Stevia. Such a delicious and refreshing drink perfect for summer!

wedding photo - Sakura Iced Matcha Latte

Sakura Iced Matcha Latte

I think it's impossible to go to Japan and not come back obsessed with matcha. It's everywhere there, especially in the region around Kyoto where some of the be

wedding photo - Raspberry Mojito

Raspberry Mojito

This raspberry mojito is sweet and refreshing, ready in under 5 minutes. The perfect drink to serve at a party or just enjoy by yourself.

wedding photo - Rhubarb Collins Mocktail

Rhubarb Collins Mocktail

You may have noticed that we took some time off of our mocktail series this year - we were working on a little mocktail book and we just needed a break so we co

wedding photo - Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas

Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas

Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas - The easiest, quickest, and best 4-ingredient mimosa ever. And all you need is just 5 min to whip this up!

wedding photo - Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Blackberry Bourbon Smash - so yummy, refreshing and super easy! Perfect way to start off a late summer weekend! From halfbakedharvest.com

wedding photo - Drinks   Cocktails.

Drinks Cocktails.

Summer is officially over, but California doesn't seem to know it yet... The air conditioning is on full blast, I'm still sweating and th...

wedding photo - 14 Takes On The Classic Moscow Mule

14 Takes On The Classic Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules are having a comeback -- at least according to us. We're not sure if this classic cocktail was ever out , but we hereby declare that...