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wedding photo - Soft Smokey Eye

Soft Smokey Eye

Weddbook ♥ This is an alternative to the classic dramatic smokey eye that we see on the red carpet. This version is more shimmery and look softer, therefore less dramatic. The use of gold tones is the key for obtaining this look. gold, soft, smokey,

wedding photo - Soft Eyeliner

Soft Eyeliner

Weddbook ♥ This look is great for both day and night. It combines smokey eye with a winged eyeliner creating a smokey eyeliner look . When worn together with hot pink lips and a soft pink blush, there is no way you can go wrong with this make up. mak

wedding photo - Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ First highlight the brow bone and the tear duct area, then go over your crease with a brown shade of eyeshadow and blend. Fill in the eyelid with a natural flesh color and wear a thin winged eyeliner. Draw the inner part of your under eyel

wedding photo - Makeup.


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wedding photo - Makeup Tips, Tricks & How Tos

Makeup Tips, Tricks & How Tos

COVERGIRL shows you how to contour your face in 60 seconds! Follow COVERGIRL’S step-by-step contouring tutorial using our truBLEND Contour Palette and learn to highlight, contour and bronze your face in 60 seconds. Great for beginners! Follow this si

wedding photo - Black Eyes and Lips

Black Eyes and Lips

Weddbook ♥ You know black matches with every color but it matches best with black! This look is great for the cold days of fall and winter to bring out your inner goth self. You can achieve this look without much effort, by just wearing a jet black w

wedding photo - Smokey Eyes and Dark Lips

Smokey Eyes and Dark Lips

Weddbook ♥ Make up during the winter means two things, dark lips and smokey eyes. This means that this look is the perfect one for winter. Don't look far ahead when you are thinking about what make up you will put on in the cold weather, use this cla

wedding photo - Dramatic Eyes

Dramatic Eyes

Weddbook ♥ To have this beautiful dramatic look, you should first out on a dark brown eye pencil on your lower eyelid and draw the inner part of your yes with a black eye pencil or eyeliner. Then you should put some more of that first own pencil on y

wedding photo - Makeup For Slant Eyes

Makeup For Slant Eyes

Weddbook ♥ If you have slant eyes, achieving the perfect look may be a little more tricky than usual. Here is a simple and cute look for you. You should combine golden and maroon tones, using the gold on the inner and maroon on the outer corners of y

wedding photo - Metallic Red Eyes

Metallic Red Eyes

Weddbook ♥ If you want a bold look, always choose the color red and dramatic eyelashes. This look uses an orange/red color of matte eyeshadow on upper and lower eyelids and pigment on the upper eyelid. There is a timy detail of black eyeshadow which

wedding photo - Make-up Inspiration

Make-up Inspiration

So funktioniert Contouring! Die How To Contouring Infografik erklärt den Schminktrend!

wedding photo - Exra Bold Eyeliner

Exra Bold Eyeliner

Weddbook ♥ If you are a big fan of the cat eye, you should try this look for sure. It pushes the cat eye and winged liner look to their limits by lining the whole eyelid with jet black eyeliner. It is better if you only wear this special look to a sp

wedding photo - Todays Look - Falling Away From Me

Todays Look - Falling Away From Me

Ibland får jag bara lust att lyssna på hård musik och sminka mig utifrån känslan, gärna musik man har lätt att bli arg till, eller som man bara känner sig allmä

wedding photo - Dark Eye Makeup

Dark Eye Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This is a dark and mysterious look for a special night. Only black eyeshadow, mascara and black used on the eyes and a highlighter on the tear duct area. The eye shadow is blended out very well and the rest of the face is one very naturall

wedding photo - How To : Basic Contour Makeup Tutorial

How To : Basic Contour Makeup Tutorial

Fill in the areas marked “BR” with a darker foundation or powder (about 2 shades darker than your skin) to act as your bronzer. Finish off by applying blush in

wedding photo - Colorful Eyes

Colorful Eyes

Weddbook ♥ This look is one of the most unique ones you can see outside. It is daring, extra and colorful. If you want to draw peoples attention you can use this look as an inspiration for your next look. However you should remember that this is not

wedding photo - Tutorials of Essential Makeup Trends

Tutorials of Essential Makeup Trends

Weddbook ♥ The first tutorial is the winged eyeliner, by connecting certain points on your eyelid and filling them in, you can have the perfect wing. Second is the smokey eye, which shows how to blend the eyeshadow perfectly. The last but not least i

wedding photo - Makeup Brushes 101

Makeup Brushes 101

This makeup brushes 101 guide will teach you everything you need to know. Find out each brush's purpose and the top brushes to have in your kit.

wedding photo - Fashion


How To Contour And Highlight Perfectly

wedding photo - Colorful Eyes

Colorful Eyes

Weddbook ♥ If you are bodes of the old smokey eye and want to add some color to your make up looks, here is your inspiration. This is a brown smokey eye with a bright orange shade on the inner corner of the eye and a bright blue on the lower eyelid.

wedding photo - Black Lower Eyelid

Black Lower Eyelid

Weddbook ♥ This look seems like a simple natural make up that can be worn everyday to everywhere. Nevertheless there is a detail of black eyeshadow on the lower lid which makes this look special and uncommon. Along with the light sparkly color on the

wedding photo - Sparkling Eyes

Sparkling Eyes

Weddbook ♥ This eye makes up gives you the ultimate glow which is perfect for special occations. The tones preffered in this look are soft brown so it doesn't look too much or over the top. Of course the red glossy lips are what draw the attention in

wedding photo - Pink Smokey Eye

Pink Smokey Eye

Weddbook ♥ Here is a look that is perfect for the hot night ours of summer. It is a pink smokey eye with tones of orange at the inner corners of the eye. It is definitely not a day makeup due to the bold eyeliner and false lash choice. night, summer,

wedding photo - Maroon Eyes

Maroon Eyes

Weddbook ♥ You can achieve this beautiful but bold look by yourself just in five minutes. Using only two shades of eyeshadow will be enough, a darker and a lighter shade of maroon. Put the darker shade on your crease and your lash line on your lower

wedding photo - 21 Best Beauty Hacks Ever

21 Best Beauty Hacks Ever

How do you keep calm and stay pretty the seemingly effortless way? If you have not heard of the best beauty hacks on Pinterest, we have something cool in store

wedding photo - Red And Yellow Eyeshadow

Red And Yellow Eyeshadow

Weddbook ♥ To set your makeup, use primer on your eyes. Then apply the yellow eyeshadow on the inner part, red eyeshadow on the corner part of your eyelid and blend. After highlighting your browbone and tearduct area, you can apply eyeliner and false

wedding photo - Nude Eyes And Red Lips

Nude Eyes And Red Lips

Weddbook ♥ This look is so easy to obtain, it doesn't require any special make up talent at all so anyone can apply it. For the eyes you will only need a sparkly eyeshadow or clear pigment. The rest is just red lipstick, bronzer and highlihter. Makeu

wedding photo - Galaxy Makeup

Galaxy Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This look gives you the vibes of space by its purple/blue sparkly colors. The colors look so bright so they are blended with a dark brown at the crease to make it more natural. A winged eyeliner and a dark shade of eye shadow is chosen for

wedding photo - Brown Natural Makeup

Brown Natural Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This nude look will be your go to look everyday as this tutorial makes it quite easy. First use a dark brown color on your inner and outer corners, fill in the middle with a highlighting shade and blend. Then apply a brown shade on the cre

wedding photo - Green Eyelids

Green Eyelids

Weddbook ♥ This kind of make up will flatters your eyes especially even more if your eyes are green colored. The key to this look is choosing a brown shade of eyeshadow on your crease. Since the green eyeshadow pops on your eyelids, the touch of brow

wedding photo - Asian Make Up

Asian Make Up

japanese make up tutorial -- ️ #ClassyLadyEntrepreneur…